About Us

Who We Are

Holmeswood Koi Aquatics is a family run buisness situated in Lancashire.
We have been established since 2001.
The company was started by Barry (Son) and David Singleton (Dad) and was soon joined by Scott Singleton (Son) a few years after leaving school.
Barry has been a keen koi keeper from a young age and has always had a passion for Koi Carp and fish in general. Upon starting the buisness Barry went on to be tought in depth about Koi heath and care. He now has 20+ years experience in Koi Keeping.
Scott starting of his career working in sales and has brought extra knowlege into the buisness. He has now become a very enthousiastic pond builder and landscape gardener also Learning all about building koi ponds from his father.

What We Do

We stock some of the Highest Quality Koi imported from Yamakoshi Japan, from breeders such as Sekiguchi, Marudo, Marusei Hirasawa, Sakai Motsunosuke to name a few. All our Koi upon arrival go through a strict of site 6 week quarantine process before offering them out for sale.
We also stock a huge range of dry goods in store from Professional Koi Pond equipment to small Garden Pond equipment.

We also stock a large selection of treatments and bacteria for every need.

On site we also have a fully stocked nursery, stocking Japanese Maples, Bamboos, Hedging plants, Aquatic Marginals and lily's and a variety of seasonal plants such as perennials.

We have also recently branched out and now are one of the very few stockists in the north to carry a huge selection of Bonsai Trees, Bonsai Pots, Bonsai tools, Compost and Equipment.

Our Extra Services

Our Huge facillities isnt where we stop, We also offer local pond maintenance, pond adjustments and rebuilds. And also complete new pond builds.
A lot of customers enjoy getting involved with the build and doing as much as the work as they possibly can, so we are always happy to advise and help throughout the whole process, doing jobs you dont want to tackle such as plumbing and fibreglassing.

Along side that we also offer a fish health consultancy service, where we can come out and assist when your having health issues.

For any questions about the above services please go to the contact page and fill in the form or call us on the number supplied.
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