Bioforce Revolution 

The Hozelock Bioforce Revolution is shop Favourite.
The Revolution of simple pond maintenance.
With its simple cleaning solution this filter makes it our best selling filter since 2014.
Featuring foam cubes to tackle all mechanical filtreration and Kaldness K3 Media tackling the biological filtration.
Depending on size unlike older pressure filters the Bioforce Revolution features either an 18,24 or 36 watt twin PLL fitting bulb.

The Unit comes indiviually or comes in kit form with a Hozelock Aquaforce Pump.

6000 (Filter Only) £236.99
6000 Kit (Aquaforce Pump) £339.99
9000 (Filter Only) £294.99
9000 Kit (Aquaforce Pump) £429.99
14000 (Filter Only) £347.99
14000 Kit (Aquaforce Pump) £499.99

These Filters can be run in tandem or seperate pumps and filters (pond size dependent)
Hozelock Aquaforce Pump
Solids handling pumps for filtration, waterfalls and watercourses

Key Benefits Include:

Fish Protection System – protects small fish from accessing the pump
Large cage surface area reduces cage clogging & improves water purity

1000lph £86.99
2500lph £109.99
4000lph £136.99
6000lph £176.99
8000lph £209.99
12000lph £229.99
15000lph £274.99
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