Oase Proficlear Premium EGC
  • Intelligent high end module filter system for Koi ponds and other large bodies of water to 260 m³
  • Outstanding filter capacity with intelligent control functions
  • Intelligent self cleaning function for unique maintenance free operation (drum filter module)
  • Highly effective decomposition of pollutants and nutrients, thanks to professional filter media and moving bed process (MovingBed)
  • Flexible adaptation of the filter system to individual requirements (individual module)
  • Mature, professional technology with more than 3 years of development time
  • Innovative and reliable product »made in Germany*« (*except pressure pump)
The Oase Proficlear Premium EGC comes in two models.
There is a Gravity fed Model, and a Pump fed Model.

Depening on pond volume you can add on ass many moving bed modules as you wish.
Pump fed models require a an outlet adaptor kit for the end moving bed module.

You can bolt on Oase Bitron Uv lights to the pump fed models for a sleek clean look.

We have a gravity fed model running instore on our 10,000 Gallon Display pond.
A video is on our YouTube channel of the quality of water during the summer in full sunlight with high stocking levels.

Proficlear Premium Pump Fed £2799.99
Proficlear Premium Gravity Fed £2799.99
Moving Bed Module £729.99
Individual Module £729.99
Outlet Adaptor kit £219.99
Technical Information

Oase Proficlear Premium Compact EGC

  • Innovative, new inexpensive compact drum filter as inexpensive alternative for smaller ponds, particularly koi ponds
  • High separation performance in the pump-fed as well as gravity-fed principle
  • Minimal space requirements and effective integration
Compact Pump Fed £1999.99
Compact Gravity Fed £1999.99
Technical Information

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium

  • Outstanding energy efficiency and displacement capacity
  • Simultaneous supply of debris through connection of filter accessories on the patented, second inlet
  • Patented frost protection to -20°C
Eco Premium 4000 £219.99
Eco Premium 6000 £249.99
Eco Premium 8000 £349.99
Eco Premium 10000 £384.99
Eco Premium 12000 £424.99
Eco Premium 16000 £474.99
Eco Premium 20000 £579.99

All Oase Pumps come with a standard 3 year Guarantee with the option to register and extend to 5 years

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